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Here comes Prop 21 back from the dead — the same deeply flawed scheme rejected just two years ago by nearly 60% of Californians. Prop 21 will make California’s housing crisis worse by making housing harder to find and harder to afford. 21 will stop new affordable housing, reduce home values, and cost jobs when we need them most. Don’t let the zombies eat your brain — Vote No on 21.

Nearly Every Leading Paper Says No on 21

Nearly every leading newspaper in California agrees: Prop 21 will the housing crisis worse, inflate prices, and reduce the quality and quantity of housing. It’s why 59% of Californians rejected the same bad idea last election. Vote NO on Prop 21.

Renter Alert

Warning: Prop 21 allows rent increases on the lowest income Californians fo up to 15%. It’s why the California Council for Affordable Housing, the California NAACP, the Congress for California Seniors, and Gov. Gavin Newsom say No on 21.


As a nurse, Lauren sees the devastating impact of COVID firsthand. And as a renter, she is worried about her own future too. That’s why Prop 21 is scary.Prop 21 will force rentals off the market. It has no plan to build affordable housing and 21 allows landlords to raise rents on the lowest income Californians by more than 15%, while doing nothing to prevent evictions. Let’s not make a scary situation worse. No on Prop 21.

Lauren Saturnino, Nurse & Renter

Better Night’s Sleep

As a homeowner, it’s easy to lose sleep in this economy. Prop 21 will make things even worse. It will reduce home values by up to 20% and eliminate legal rights of homeowners.

Prop 21 has no protections for seniors or veterans. And it even allows landlords to raise rents on the lowest income Californians by 15%.

That’s why homeowners and renters rejected this same bad idea two years ago.

For a better night’s sleep, vote No on 21.

Diane Robertson, Homeowner

Strongest Law in the Nation

“No one thought this could be done.” That’s what Governor Gavin Newsom said as he signed the strongest statewide rent control law in America just last year. Prop 21 reverses this progress and will make the housing crisis even worse.

Prop 21 repeals portions of California’s rent law with no solution. It hurts renters and has no protections for seniors or veterans, and no plans to build affordable and middle class housing we need.

Affordable housing experts, veterans, and Gavin Newsom agree. Don’t go backwards, California. Vote No on 21.


“In this ad for Prop 21, this guy’s not even a veteran. He’s an actor trying to trick you. And it’s sickening. Just like Prop 21, pretending to be something it isn’t. California Veterans oppose Prop 21 because it makes the housing crisis worse, with no plan to build affordable housing or help bring homeless vets off our streets. Stand with the men and women who actually wore our country’s uniform. Vote NO on 21.”

State Commander Michael Kerr Disabled American Veterans Department of California

Veterans Groups Across California Say No on 21

“We have so many veterans living on our streets in California. The cost of housing is out of control. Prop 21 will make things even worse when many vets are already on the brink. Prop 21 will stop new housing from being built. And 21 hurts renters and has no protections for veterans or seniors – and no plan to help homeless vets or create the housing we need. We served our country and deserve a place to call home. That’s why veterans’ groups across California say No on 21.”

Col. Lou Carmona — U.S. Army Pilot, Ret.

Deeper Hole

California is in a deep hole with the shortage of affordable housing. It’s why it costs so much to live here. Prop 21 digs an even deeper hole. 21 stops new housing construction, could raise rents over 15% and makes it harder to find a place to live. And Prop 21 hurts renters and has no protection for veterans or seniors and no plan to create the affordable housing we need. If you’re in a hole, stop digging. Vote No on 21.

Pat Sabelhaus — California Council for Affordable Housing

California Dream

My parents were immigrants from Hong Kong who saved up to buy a few rental units. They taught me if I worked hard, I could live the “California Dream.” And that’s what I did. But Prop 21 repeals legal protections for homeowners like me. Prop 21 puts hundreds of rent boards in charge of our housing. With bureaucrats able to add housing fees and control our property decisions. That’s not the Dream – it’s a nightmare. No on 21.

Al Wong — Small Property Owner

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Paid for by No on Prop 21: Californians for Responsible Housing, a coalition of seniors, veterans, affordable housing advocates, labor & social justice organizations, sponsored by California Apartment Association. Committee Major Funding from Essex Property Trust and Affiliated Entities; Equity Residential; and AvalonBay Communities.
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