No on Prop 21 Campaign Statement on Election Victory

Tom Bannon of Californians for Responsible Housing, the CEO of the California Apartment Association, issued the following statement on the results of the 2020 election showing the defeat of Proposition 21.

 “Yet again California voters clearly understood the negative impacts Prop. 21 would have had on the availability of affordable housing in our state by clearly rejecting this radical ballot measure. The broad coalition opposing Prop 21 – from Governor Gavin Newsom to the California Republican Party, as well as labor, social justice, senior, veterans and housing groups – made an effective case that this initiative would have worsened the state’s housing crisis. It is now time to move from ballot box battles and enact policies through the Legislature that allow the state to build more affordable housing that will once again make California an affordable place to live for our families.

“AHF’s Michael Weinstein spent more than $40 million of his so-called ‘nonprofit’ organization’s political slush fund on yet another political gutter ball, marking yet another loss in a string of unsuccessful state ballot measures on a smorgasbord of issues. This outrageous misuse of federal funds meant for health care deserves even greater scrutiny by the California Attorney General, federal and state government. The California legislature should also continue to pursue legislation that forces transparency and accountability on non-profits that treat tenants as commodities and who continuously ignore state laws and regulations, and attack state legislators with dollars that should be used to promote health care. 

“In addition, the Fair Political Practices Commission already is investigating the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, with nearly a dozen complaints of other campaign violations filed with the agency. Whether it was violating state law for using an actor to impersonate a veteran or paying elected officials for their support without the required disclosure, the FPPC needs to send a strong message that Weinstein’s negative tactics and lack of transparency will not be tolerated in California elections.”

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Paid for by No on Prop 21: Californians for Responsible Housing, a coalition of seniors, veterans, affordable housing advocates, labor & social justice organizations, sponsored by California Apartment Association. Committee Major Funding from Essex Property Trust and Affiliated Entities; Equity Residential; and AvalonBay Communities.
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