SACRAMENTO – Proposition 21, the “housing freeze” measure opposed by Governor Newsom, labor unions, senior, and veterans, is supported by only 37 percent of the state’s voters, according to a poll released today by the University of California Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS).

According to Mark DiCamillo, the institute’s poll director, told the Los Angeles Times that “its chances of passage are less than even.” The article notes that “Typically supporters would need to have majority support at this stage to withstand an onslaught of negative advertising aimed at sowing doubts about an initiative’s effectiveness and potential unintended consequences.”

“Less than two years ago, California voters rejected a carbon copy of Prop 21 by nearly 20 percentage points,” noted Tom Bannon of Californians for Responsible Housing, the campaign opposing the measure. “It appears that Prop 21 will suffer the same fate because Californians understand that it will worsen our state’s housing crisis, reduce property values, and lead to cuts to schools and other government services.”

Details on the poll can be found here.

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