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We need real solutions, not the same poorly written initiative on the ballot year after year.
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"Prop. 21 provides no protections for seniors and would hurt senior renters and homeowners alike. For those seniors relying on their single-family home for their retirement nest eggs or to help fund their care later in life, Prop 21 pulls the rug out from under them … And for senior renters on fixed incomes, Prop 21 would result in less affordable rental housing options. Seniors should vote No on 21."
Gary Passmore
President, Congress of California Seniors

Hundreds of thousands of California seniors rely on rental properties to fund their retirements, pay for health care, and fund nursing care as they age.

These seniors are part of the over 2/3rds of California landlords who are small mom and pop operations. Prop 21 will be hard on these seniors.

Prop 21 repeals protections for homeowners and could reduce home values by up to 20%. Prop 21 would put as many as 539 rental boards in charge of housing, with bureaucrats deciding what people can or cannot do with their properties, and would give these rent boards unlimited power to add fees on housing, which will ultimately be passed on to tenants in the form of higher rents.

And Prop 21 contains no protections for seniors or the disabled and no provisions to build more affordable housing for seniors or to help combat homelessness. Vote No on Prop 21.

California Seniors Oppose Prop 21

California Senior Advocates League

California State Conference of the NAACP

LA Metropolitan Churches

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ZERO Protections
Prop 21 has zero protections for seniors, the disabled, or veterans
539 Rent Boards
Prop 21 will repeal homeowner protections and puts as many as 539 rent boards in charge of housing.
Roughly 2/3
Most California landlords are small, mom and pop operations, many of whom depend on rental income to supplement their retirement or provide care for aging family members.


Press Releases
No on Prop 21 Campaign Statement on Election Victory

Tom Bannon of Californians for Responsible Housing, the CEO of the California Apartment Association, issued the following statement on the results of the 2020 election showing the defeat of Proposition 21.  “Yet again California voters clearly understood the negative impacts Prop. 21 would have had on the availability of affordable housing in our state by […]

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Press Releases
Weinstein’s “Non-Profit” AHF, Under Investigation by the FPPC,

SURPASSES $40 MILLION MARK TO PROP UP PROP 21 Michael Weinstein’s “nonprofit” AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has poured $40,071,408.11 into the Yes on Proposition 21 campaign. AHF’s spending represents 99.85 percent of the funding for the ballot measure – the highest level of contributions from a single source of any measure on this year’s ballot. […]

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Press Releases
Proposition 21 Backers’ Ads Rated “MISLEADING” in Media Fact Checks

Yes on 21’s Dishonest Ads Fail Scrutiny  Television advertisements by the proponents of Proposition 21 are being panned as “misleading” in fact checks by media organizations throughout the state.  Proposition 21 is the “housing freeze” measure opposed by Governor Newsom, labor, senior, veterans and affordable groups that has received more than $40 million in funding […]

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Press Releases
More Than 100 Mayors, Supervisors, City Council Members Oppose Prop 21

Join Governor Newsom, Other Elected Officials in Opposing “Housing Freeze”  More than 100 elected officials from throughout California today announced their opposition to Proposition 21, the November measure that opponents say will reduce affordable housing in the state and require cuts in community services.  The comprehensive list of officials includes County Supervisors, Mayors, City Council […]

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Press Releases
No On 21 Campaign Releases First Television Ad: Prop 21 Turns the California Dream of Home Ownership Into A “NIGHTMARE”

Californians for Responsible Housing today released its first television advertisement that highlights the negative impacts of Proposition 21, the “housing freeze” ballot measure, on homeowners and property owners. Titled “California Dream,” the 30-second television advertisement features Al Wong, a Bay Area small property owner whose parents were immigrants from Hong Kong. Wong’s message: Proposition 21 […]

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Press Releases
Leading Senior Groups Announce Opposition to Proposition 21

Congress of California Seniors, California Senior Advocates League Urge “No” Vote The Congress of California Seniors and the California Seniors Advocates League, two of California’s leading senior citizen organizations, today announced their opposition to Proposition 21, the November ballot measure financed by Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation that would undermine the strongest statewide […]

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