Four Major Black Organizations in Los Angeles Area Say No to Prop 21

LA Metropolitan Alliance of Churches, Community Build, Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, Greater LA African-American Chamber of Commerce Oppose Housing Freeze Measure 

Four major Black organizations in the Los Angeles area today announced their opposition to Proposition 21, the statewide ballot measure they say will increase housing costs and limit the availability of affordable housing for African-Americans. 

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Alliance of Churches, Community Build, Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, and Greater LA African-American Chamber of Commerce all joined Gov. Gavin Newsom, senior, veteran, labor and affordable housing groups in urging members to vote no on Proposition 21. 

“Proposition 21 allows rent increases of 15 percent that our community cannot afford right now,” said Cheryl Branch, Executive Director of Los Angeles Metropolitan Alliance of Churches. “It will make California’s housing crisis even worse.” 

“This ballot measure will likely result in millions of homes and apartments being taken off the rental market completely, or turned into condos or AirBnB units,” said Armen Ross, President of Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce. “Prop 21 also will make it nearly impossible to finance the type of affordable housing developments we so desperately need in Los Angeles for working families.” 

The four groups note that every nearly major Black publication in the Los Angeles area also oppose Proposition 21, including the Los Angeles Sentinel.  Proposition 21 is also opposed by nearly every daily newspaper in the state as well as a broad coalition of community groups. 

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