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We need real solutions, not the same poorly written initiative on the ballot year after year.
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"Prop 21 will make things even worse. It will reduce home values by up to 20% and eliminate legal rights of homeowners."
Diane Robertson
Founder, Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners

Prop 21 Hurts Homeowners & Renters

As a homeowner, it’s easy to lose sleep in this economy. Prop 21 will make things even worse. It will reduce home values by up to 20% and eliminate legal rights of homeowners.

Prop 21 has no protections for seniors or veterans. And it even allows landlords to raise rents on the lowest income Californians by 15%.

That’s why homeowners and renters rejected this same bad idea two years ago.

For a better night’s sleep, vote No on 21.

California Homeowners Oppose Prop 21

Bay Area Homeowners Network

Bay Area Housing Advocacy Coalition

California State Conference Of The NAACP

California Chamber Of Commerce

Black Women Organized For Political Action (BWOPA)

Si Se Puede

LA Metropolitan Churches

Get The Facts

Prop 21 Repeals Homeowner Protections
It treats mom and pop landlords just like corporate landlords, opening the door for permanent price controls on all types of housing units, including single family homes.
539 Rent Boards
Prop 21 will repeal homeowner protections and puts as many as 539 rent boards in charge of housing.
20%↓ in Property Values
Multiple studies have found measures like Prop 21 depress property values.


Press Releases
Four Major Black Organizations in Los Angeles Area Say No to Prop 21

LA Metropolitan Alliance of Churches, Community Build, Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, Greater LA African-American Chamber of Commerce Oppose Housing Freeze Measure  Four major Black organizations in the Los Angeles area today announced their opposition to Proposition 21, the statewide ballot measure they say will increase housing costs and limit the availability of affordable housing for […]

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Press Releases
Proposition 21 Backers’ Ads Rated “MISLEADING” in Media Fact Checks

Yes on 21’s Dishonest Ads Fail Scrutiny  Television advertisements by the proponents of Proposition 21 are being panned as “misleading” in fact checks by media organizations throughout the state.  Proposition 21 is the “housing freeze” measure opposed by Governor Newsom, labor, senior, veterans and affordable groups that has received more than $40 million in funding […]

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Press Releases
More Than 100 Mayors, Supervisors, City Council Members Oppose Prop 21

Join Governor Newsom, Other Elected Officials in Opposing “Housing Freeze”  More than 100 elected officials from throughout California today announced their opposition to Proposition 21, the November measure that opponents say will reduce affordable housing in the state and require cuts in community services.  The comprehensive list of officials includes County Supervisors, Mayors, City Council […]

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Press Releases
No On 21 Campaign Releases First Television Ad: Prop 21 Turns the California Dream of Home Ownership Into A “NIGHTMARE”

Californians for Responsible Housing today released its first television advertisement that highlights the negative impacts of Proposition 21, the “housing freeze” ballot measure, on homeowners and property owners. Titled “California Dream,” the 30-second television advertisement features Al Wong, a Bay Area small property owner whose parents were immigrants from Hong Kong. Wong’s message: Proposition 21 […]

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Press Releases
Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, Central Valley Groups Oppose Proposition 21

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, joined by community groups from across the Central Valley, today announced their  opposition to Proposition 21, the November ballot measure financed by Michael Weinstein’s AIDS Healthcare Foundation that would undermine the strongest statewide rent control and renter protections in the nation. “Prop 21 is the same bad idea the voters rejected in […]

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Press Releases

The 11-newspaper Southern California Newspaper Group today urged readers to vote no on Proposition 21. In an editorial headlined “Proposition 21 will make the housing crisis worse. Vote No,” the newspapers noted that the measure will hurt affordable housing construction, reduce property values, and will result in fewer rental properties available.  Prop. 21 “distorts, and […]

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Press Releases
Backers of Prop 21 Sued Over False Arguments in Ballot Argument

Opponents Cite Three “False and Misleading” Statements, Ask Court to Strike Opponents of Proposition 21 today filed suit today in Sacramento Superior Court seeking to strike and revise three different “false and misleading statements” made by the Yes on 21 campaign in its ballot statement. The suit, filed by Los Angeles Realtor Malcolm Bennett against […]

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Press Releases
Study: “Mom and Pop” Landlords Hard Hit by COVID-19 Crisis

Although much is being written by renters impacted by COVID19, there hasn’t been much attention paid to the “mom and pop” owners of the overwhelming majority of rental properties in California that are being hard-hit by COVID19 – the same property owners who will be adversely affected by Proposition 21, the November ballot measure that […]

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Press Releases
LAO: Proposition 21 Would Cost State, Localities “High Tens of Millions Per Year” in Lost Revenue, Result in Less Housing

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–Proposition 21, the November ballot measure financed by Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation that would undermine the strongest statewide rent control and renter protections in the nation, could result in “a potential reduction in state and local revenues in the high tens of millions of dollars per year over time,”according to the […]

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Press Releases
Proposition 21 Applies to Single-Family Homes

Several news reports on Prop 21 suggest that this year’s version of the measure that was overwhelmingly defeated by California voters two years ago has been “tweaked” to eliminate rent control on single-family homes. That’s what proponents are saying. One problem: it is not true. According to the language of the initiative, the exemption only […]

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Press Releases
Veterans Groups Announce Early Opposition to Weinstein’s Housing Freeze Ballot Measure

SACRAMENTO – Fourteen major California veterans groups today announced their opposition to the November ballot measure financed by Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Health Foundation that would repeal significant portions of the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, and undermines the strongest statewide rent control and renter protections in the nation. The groups include: American Legion, […]

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