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Get the Facts

About Proposition 21

Proposition 21 is a statewide initiative on the November 3, 2020 ballot. Prop 21 would repeal portions of the state’s existing rental housing laws (Costa Hawkins) and open the door for extreme forms of rent control to be enacted at the local level. It is nearly identical to 2018’s Prop 10, which voters rejected by nearly 20 points.

Proposition 21 would allow for permanent price caps on all forms of housing, including single family homes and condos.

Prop 21 contains:

No funding for affordable housing or a requirement that it be built

No specific provisions to reduce rent

No specific protections for seniors, veterans, or the disabled

Independent academic experts from Stanford and UC Berkeley agree that policies like Prop 21 discourage new construction and reduce availability of affordable and middle-class housing, driving up rents for many Californians.

Furthermore, Proposition 21 undermines a new, statewide rent control law, just months after the law went into effect. Governor Newsom and the Legislature, with the support of numerous stakeholders, recently passed some of the strongest statewide rent control and renter protections in the nation. Assembly Bill 1482, which became law on January 1, 2020, ensures renters will not face extreme rent hikes or be unfairly evicted from their homes. The new law also provides stability for property owners. It ensures the rental housing supply is not diminished and housing continues to be built.

The Flawed Proposition 21 Still Makes Our Housing Crisis Worse.

Vote NO on Prop 21.

Get the Facts

Download fact sheets and other materials to learn more or to help educate your friends and families about Proposition 21 and its negative impacts for California’s housing affordability.

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