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We need real solutions, not the same poorly written initiative on the ballot year after year.
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Governor Newsom: 
Vote No on Proposition 21

"In the past year, California has passed a historic version of statewide rent control – the nation’s strongest rent caps and renter protections in the nation – as well as short-term eviction relief. But Proposition 21, like Proposition 10 before it, runs the all-too-real risk of discouraging availability of affordable housing in our state."
Governor Gavin Newsom
Urges Californians to Vote No on Prop 21

Prop 21 Hurts Renters & Homeowners

As a nurse, Lauren sees the devastating impact of COVID firsthand. And as a renter, she is worried about her own future too. 

That's why Prop 21 is scary.

Prop 21 will force rentals off the market. It has no plan to build affordable housing and 21 allows landlords to raise rents on the lowest income Californians by more than 15%, while doing nothing to prevent evictions. 

Let's not make a scary situation worse. No on Prop 21.
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  • This initiative will only further the economic pain created by COVID-19 that is hurting working families across the state, including the men and women of the building trades. It will stifle housing construction and increase housing costs while killing thousands of good-paying union jobs our economy needs to emerge from this unprecedented crisis.

    Two years ago, California voters soundly rejected Proposition 10, Michael Weinstein’s deceptive initiative that would have made our state’s housing crisis even worse. Now he’s back with a nearly identical measure that would inflict more damage on a state that is already in an economic freefall brought on by the pandemic. We need to defeat this measure that will limit affordable housing, kill blue collar jobs and reduce funding for state and local services."
    Robbie Hunter
    President, State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has created economic pain for millions of Californians, and has hit veterans particularly hard. California voters have already spoken out on this issue. Our state’s housing crisis needs real solutions, not the false promises contained in this initiative. The Weinstein initiative will make housing less affordable for all Californians and make it harder for veterans to find housing for themselves and their families.”
    David Black
    State Commander, AMVETS, Department of California
  • Just like his nearly-identical initiative that was overwhelmingly rejected by voters two years ago, the new Weinstein initiative will make housing less available and less affordable for veterans and all Californians. It will create chaos in our housing market and reduce property values for homeowners robbing them of their nest eggs they are relying on for retirement. It’s the wrong solution for the wrong problem and a bad deal for veterans and for California.”
    Melissa Washington
    CEO & Founder, Women Veterans Alliance
  • Veterans already face difficulties securing stable and affordable housing, and measures like the Housing Freeze promise to deepen veterans’ housing affordability concerns. American Legion, Dept. of CA looks for balanced solutions that keep veterans in their homes without compromising construction of new housing. That’s why we opposed the nearly identical Proposition 10 in 2018, and why we urge our veterans to once again vote no on this initiative in November.”
    Ed Grimsley
    Commander, American Legion, Department of California
  • California’s housing crisis has long been a focus for our state’s business community. California’s high housing costs and limited supply put California businesses at a competitive disadvantage when trying to hire workers. Unfortunately, this flawed initiative, which is virtually identical to one rejected by California voters just two years ago, would do nothing to increase California’s housing supply, and could actually end up hurting the very tenants the measure aims to protect. It will have a chilling effect on housing construction, and further distort California’s broken housing market.”
    Allan Zaremberg
    President & CEO, California Chamber of Commerce
  • The most effective way to address homelessness is to build more housing. Michael Weinstein has a decades-long history of opposing the construction of the new housing California desperately needs, and being against working families and blue-collar workers. His latest housing freeze ballot measure hurts renters and will result in less affordable housing. That is why a broad coalition including affordable housing advocates, labor unions and community leaders are urging Californians to reject Weinstein’s latest electoral scheme just as they did less than two years ago.”
    Ron Miller
    Executive Secretary, Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council
  • I have been fortunate to be able to buy a small four-unit property here in LA, but misguided policies like this initiative threaten my economic security. This initiative does nothing to address our affordable housing crisis in California. It will only make it harder for communities of color, who have been historically excluded from our state’s growth and prosperity, to gain a toehold in the middle class through the dream of homeownership. The initiative takes away the few remaining protections we have, leaving us with no rights.”
    Kimako Desvingnes
    Small rental property owner, member of Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners
  • Expanding rent control will result in higher housing costs, less housing being built, and make it harder for renters to find an affordable place to live. That is why California voters rejected a nearly identical proposal just two years ago, and why businesses throughout the San Fernando Valley oppose this latest flawed rent control initiative. We need to find ways to make housing more affordable. California’s housing market is broken, particularly in the Valley, where demand dramatically outpaces our existing supply of affordable places to live. In the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, this this proposal is the wrong solution to the wrong problem, and would make it even harder to build the affordable housing California desperately needs.”
    Stuart Waldman, Esq.
    President, Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA)
  • For years, California has failed to build housing we need to meet demand,” notes Pat Sabelhaus, Executive Director, California Council for Affordable Housing

    The result has been a housing crisis that has put affordable housing out of reach for too many Californians. Local restrictions and regulations have created a statewide shortage of affordable housing – a shortage that would only increase under Proposition 21. This initiative would make it harder to build new housing, and drive up rents in cities across California. Proposition 21 will hurt California renters and make it harder for those looking for housing to find a safe, affordable place to live.”

    Pat Sabelhaus
    Executive Director, California Council for Affordable Housing
  • Proposition 21 will make it harder for Californians to access housing—making unnecessary changes to state law a year after the Legislature approved unprecedented renter protections that have only just gone into effect. This measure is a distraction from the real solutions needed to address our state’s housing crisis, including permanent funding for affordable housing and regulatory reforms that make it easier to build the affordable housing our state’s lowest-income residents desperately need. Proposition 21 is not the answer to California's housing problems. It will only make our housing crisis worse.”
    Ray Pearl
    Executive Director, California Housing Consortium
  • Prop 21 provides no protections for seniors and would hurt senior renters and homeowners alike. For those seniors relying on their single-family home for their retirement nest eggs or to help fund their care later in life, Prop 21 pulls the rug out from under them. And for senior renters on fixed incomes, Prop 21 would result in less affordable rental housing options. Seniors should vote No on 21.”
    Gary Passmore
    President, Congress of California Seniors
  • For seniors on Social Security and fixed incomes, Prop. 21 could be devastating. This measure could force thousands of Californians out of their apartments and communities and make it even harder for older residents to find affordable housing.”
    Marilyn Markham
    Board Member, California Senior Advocates League

Nearly Every Newspaper in the State Opposes Prop 21

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Join us in our Opposition to the Weinstein’s Housing Freeze.

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